Blooming florals!!

The newness in florals is in size…large scale and oversize florals is the big message whether engineered or allover. The different types of floral patterns shown in upscale department stores ranged from tropical, realistic (and very pretty looking), graphic (think block printing) and some had an illustrated hand drawn look to the design. Colors were bright and vivid focusing in the red, pink and coral family. Monochromatic combos in blk & white or navy and white was also very popular too.



The biggest takeaway was the importance of Cobalt, Ultramarine and Indigo blues (shown by the majority of European brands as well as US labels)!! As expected there was a lot of merchandise in basic core colors such as white, black and light neutrals. Playful pinks and Colorful Kelly green was seen at younger contemporary brands which added a fun and feminine vibe to the assortment.


Graphic Continues

Moving on from plaids that was the “Must Have” last Fall is the emergence of ginghams in soft pastel colors. Newness in stripe is by engineering the pattern with another stripe or print. Not a great deal of polka dots was seen in the market but when it was found, the dot was screaming for attention – big, bold and loud!!!!


Lace & Eyelets

Lace is huge whether it is mechanical lace, macrame lace, Chantily lace or needlepoint lace. Lace and eyelets was everywhere in the stores…it was used allover garment, pieced in as trims or engineered at hem or borders on tops, skirts and dresses. Lace textures and eyelet patterns took precedent this Spring…almost all better labels had this treatment incorporated in their collection.


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