Since the 1880’s Denim and Indigo dyed clothing has been a staple of American Culture, one of the 1st things originating in America. What started as a work uniform, utility driven, tough fabric used for the “blue collar” worker has evolved over the years tremendously.

The fashion set loves it so much the Indigo dye trend has expanded beyond woven denim and looks so interesting in sweaters with mixed stitches or dyed on the reverse of the garment so the seams don’t take the color for undone chic. It’s equally cool done in a tye dye manner w. multiple colors and pattern or striping effect, adding print interest.

A lot of shows did head to toe denim looks, or fabric mixing some denim mixed w/ sweater or knit indigo (often with interesting wave wash dye treatments) and denim-effect color which elevates the look to laid-back cool girl status.

Most women look good in this trend and feel confident wearing their jeans so this trend goes hand in hand with the athleisure macro- trend and the boho theme, both constants for several seasons of Fashion Week now across the globe.

Currently it can be found in all stores as Summer/ Trans lines are rife with jumpsuits and dresses. All department stores We have seen lately scream the Denim and blues message which looks amazing with the fall forward new Oxblood being shown as this fall’s must have color pop.

If current trends are any indication of future Indigo sightings I’m forecasting feeling “Blue” for a long time to come. Definitely invest in and rock on in Indigo.

shades of indigo TYE DYE