The Holiday Sweater, or the Holiday Jumper has gained tremendous popularity over the last several years.

The Holiday Sweater has become a customary feature of the holiday season, no longer targeted at the 3rd grade English teacher or great aunt Edna. The trend has reached all markets from the fast fashion shops all the way up to the high-end retailers.

There is a certain amount of elation that becomes part of purchasing a Holiday Sweater. We look for that fun, festive, glimmering, glitzy, catchy saying. We enjoy making a statement at that holiday party, knowing someone will comment delightfully.

Whether or not it establishes a fashion statement, the Holiday Sweater spurs an undeniably warm and fuzzy feeling as it revives

Childhood memories. After all the holidays can be quite stressful and draining, what better way to chill than to throw on a warm cozy winter sweater and laugh a bit!


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