noun ge·om·e·try \jē-ˈä-mə-trē\

: a branch of mathematics that deals with points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids

:  an arrangement of objects or parts that suggests geometric figures

We all remember geometry class in grade school. Lots of fun… Right?

Well it is NOW!

The first print I ever designed was a Geo Print, black and white with a pop of color. I was asked to “make it pretty”. That should be easy… It was one of the most challenging prints I ever created. It’s all about line thickness, spacing, size, ground coverage, structure and movement. I was beginning to think geometry class was easier then ­­this.

Geo Prints have always played an important role in all areas of design. We see them everywhere we look, phone cases, jewelry, handbags, swimsuits, pillowcases, furniture and more.

Geo Prints aren’t bias; you can see them on infant strollers, toddler’s shoes, junior’s leggings, adult’s sunglasses to senior’s ties. We find them aesthetically pleasing because of their simplicity and contentment. They aren’t loud or pretentious. But tend to find a certain amount of fun and enthusiasm in them.

This spring 2016 we have introduced several of are own versions of Geo Prints, working with shape, scale and color in all categories.

Sure to be hanging on the rack each season is the reliable, steadfast Geo Print.