Fit to Be Tied! 

Are you ready to tie one on?? 

A lace up top, that is!


Everywhere you look, you will see people laced into their outfits this spring. It’s fun, and fresh looking, and sits well with all the current trends, from the 70s vibe, to stripes, to romantic florals.

 New and fun are adding laces in new places, not just on the front neckline. Placing laces @ side seams, down center back, on sleeves and shoulder seams are playful, warrant a 2nd look, and make it easy to sell more than 1 piece. Done with metal grommets or just laced through pointelle holes, the detail can be dressed up or down and always make a statement. 

You see them on woven tunics, dresses and ribbed sweaters especially, but one recurring theme, I personally love is how much they are showcased on a clean, white garment.