It used to be a bad thing to be considered washed up, but now times have really changed!  To be washed up is the ultimate in chic and a major fashion compliment!  Just take a look in the stores and on the streets and runways. When you do you will see a plethora of different washing techniques on everything from denim to knits and sweaters. It’s all good, be it garment wash, sand wash or even snowflake wash, it can take a garment from so-so to fabu.  Just look at the head to toe washed indigo on Chloe’s Spring runway.  In my opinion, the more washed the better.  Think of your favorite pair of broken in jeans and how amazing they look and how soft they feel… The color faded in all the right places…  Now think of rocking that look head to toe by adding an equally washed sweater or tee.  Ah-maz-ing!!!  So cool and so now… How can you go wrong?